2022… What a ride!

Happy New Year!  I have always loved a new year and the opportunity it brings to reset and refocus on what’s ahead.  I love to set goals, create intentions, and feel inspired as I enter the New Year!  I also love the opportunity the New Year gives me to reflect on what has been and … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide

It can be so hard to find gift ideas for others around Christmas, and if you’re like me and struggle in that department then I hope this Holiday Gift Guide helps!  For us Christmas is all about being together and making memories (as a family of 5!!) – presents are not at all mandatory or … Read more

Our Newborn Must Haves!

When we were preparing for the arrival of the twins I found the process of what baby items we would need SO confusing and at times very stressful!  I had no where to start … what would we actually find helpful?!     I started keeping an eye out on Instagram Stories and YouTube vlogs, … Read more

Home Office and Nursery Reveal

It still feels surreal that very soon Dave and I will be meeting our babies!  Even saying “babies” is crazy… we still can’t quite comprehend that we will be bringing home TWO babies from the hospital!  But as time ticks on, and the date until we meet our baby boy and baby girl gets closer, … Read more